A Partial Verdict for Levi’s Allergies

Yesterday we went to a Naturopath for Levi’s allergies.  I’ve been frustrated, probably more than he has, with his consistent breakouts and allergic reactions even on a strict and completely gluten-free diet.  I’ve thought for a very long time now that he is allergic to something else, and I’ve always suspected dairy as being the culprit.

So, at the appointment yesterday the Nathropathic Doctor sent Levi to get his blood taken so they could do an extensive food allergy test.  I mean they test for everything, like garlic, and berries, and everything.

But in the meantime, she said she was very sure that Levi was intolerant to dairy and he should start cutting out the dairy in his diet starting today rather than wait for the test to come back and confirm what she already knew was the case.  The test takes 2 weeks to be processed.  She wanted him to start getting better now rather than in 2 weeks from now.  Makes sense to me.

We’ll know if he has even more allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities in 2 weeks.

So, how does he feel?  He is depressed.  He was told he can’t have dairy in addition to an already fairly restrictive gluten-free diet.

How do I feel?  I am overjoyed that we know what is partially to blame for his illnesses.  I am glad that I am in the position to be a real help to him since I refuse to eat dairy as well.  It’s not like he’ll ever be tempted to eat a block of cheese around me, since I won’t ever be caught with nary a slice of animal cheese in my hand.

I also feel happy and proud that I already am so aware of packaging and labelling and what to avoid that I know I can ensure he doesn’t accidentally ingest some dairy (and/or gluten).

I explained to Levi that the reason why I even began researching the vegan diet was because it was possibly a good diet for him if he did have a dairy allergy.  Now that it’s basically been confirmed, I was hoping he’d see the value in a vegan diet for himself.  But, I also realize I can’t force him and if I tried it would probably backfire.  In any case, dairy being off the list means he is one step closer and if he embraces it, it wouldn’t be so depressing for him to not have it.

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