My First Cookbook

Don’t get all excited for a grand announcement about a new book deal or something. Nothing so far … I’m not even looking for one at this point.

But, a memory came to me today that made me laugh.

So, take a stroll with me down memory lane to a geeky time in a childhood far far away.

In Grade 6, my first year of middle school, where they had things like vending machines and a cafeteria (oooo the big leagues), our class was assigned the book ‘Hatchet‘ to read. It’s a story about a 13-year old boy who is in a small plane that crashes into a lake in the thick of the Canadian wilderness when the pilot has a heart attack. He is able to save a hatchet from the sinking plane and uses it to survive the summer in the bush.

We had to prepare a book report and an accompanying project to go with it.

Most of the kids did dioramas of the makeshift campsite or models of the crashed Cessna plane.

I did a cookbook.

Yes, I was a food nerd even in Grade 6.

This is a vague memory for me because I literally forgot about that cookbook until just now. But I do remember the blue plastic duotang cover to hold my handwritten recipes and drawings. I remember that I was convinced that I had the best recipe ever for Cattail Soup.

Our family has never been much for saving mementos from years past and I doubt that I even came home with the cookbook at the end of Grade 6. Kinda too bad, actually.

(As an aside, Grade 6 was a big year for me. It involved the launch of Crystal Pepsi. And then it was gone. Oh the sadness. We also participated in Earth Day for the first time. We made solar-powered hot dog rotisseries. It feels weird to talk about a hot dog on a vegan blog.)

I suppose the reason I am writing about this random thing is because I actually am surprised how deeply rooted my love of food and cooking has been throughout my entire life. I actually believed that I only began taking an interest in food as an adult, but now that I think on it, I have been a passionate foodie for much longer.

Oh wait! I forgot! I’ve done another cookbook. As an adult I created a cookbook – or rather a loose collection of recipes and photos – as a wedding shower gift for a friend. It was a limited print run … limited as in I only ever made one copy. It was creatively titled ‘Food That Tastes Good’.

check it out … straight hair, oh and a cookbook

So I guess my next step on the cookbook ladder is to actually do a for-real cookbook. Maybe one day.

At the end of all of this reminiscing the only I think I’ve managed to do is make it obvious to everyone just how old I am.


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