In case you’re wondering about the kitchen . . .

You’re probably not actually wondering where in the process of kitchen renovations we are at. I am. I really would like to know. So, if anyone out there could tell me how exactly I can get from this:

my messed up kitchen

to something more along the lines of this:


random dream kitchen
Thank you Pinterest for giving me inflated hopes and dreams about a one-day pristine kitchen.

… I’d be so grateful.

And for those who are curious, most of what was in those cupboards that are now missing can be found here:

my kitchen spilled out

and here:

the contents of my kitchen

Yeah, that’s right, on my couch and on chairs, and in my family room. It makes watching Food Network really difficult. Also, it means that I end up snacking on all sorts of random things like dried spices and uncooked pasta – because it’s like, right there, and I have no willpower. And you know what’s even sadder? All of this stuff is just what was on top of my counters and in four cupboards. Maybe not sad, but a testament to how awesome I can cram stuff into cupboards!

Levi tells me that the kitchen should get a bit more re-assembled in a few days. Except re-assembled doesn’t mean new, does it? Not yet anyway.

But, there is a tiny little light at the end of this tunnel. Just last week we finally received the quote for our kitchen design from the company we’re dealing with. The kitchen will be a custom job which means all the cabinets are made-to-order. And lucky us, it’s about an 8-week wait. I’m trying not to be too disappointed. It’s just that my prime “time-off” months are right now and I was planning to get so much done for recipes and such. Instead you’ll have to bear with me while I occupy my time (and meals) with random food in a can.

I just had to share with you the “excitement” I’m currently living with by sharing these quick pictures I took. Besides, I think it’s good to laugh about stuff like this.


  1. Lyn says

    I feel your pain – I’m in the middle (?) of what will end up being at least a 10-week kitchen remodel. Total gutting, knocking down walls, everything. Last week, I decided to go gluten-free, almost vegan, and found your blog! My timing’s not great, but we do have a great local health food store, with a lot of store-made vegan soups & salads. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes when I have a working kitchen!

    • Megan says

      Oh Lyn, it sounds like we are definitely in the same boat, kitchen-wise. I hope your renovation goes smoothly and without too many delays. You’ll do well with the health food store products in the meantime. And once you get your kitchen back you’ll find it even easier once you can start cooking again! I miss it. I can’t even make it to the microwave at all this week. It’s been a real “treat”. :)

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