Top Apps for Celiacs and Gluten-Free Diets

Note: This is a guest post by Jane Johnson from Going Cellular regarding apps available for gluten-free diets. I personally have not reviewed these particular apps and make no claims for or against any of these mentioned. I’m curious to know if any of you have tried these or other apps though and would love to hear your comments. Thanks to Jane for providing us with this brief overview.

Shop and eat out with confidence…

I was thrust rather suddenly into the world of gluten-free eating. It was three-years ago when my doctor ordered me off of all things wheat and grain because I had Celiac disease, which basically made me re-evaluate my entire diet since most of the foods I gravitated towards—cereal, soy sauce, pressed Panini’s, pizza—were suddenly off limits.

Regardless of if you go gluten-free for health reason or by choice, finding gluten-free options in the grocery store or when eating out can be a real challenge. However, if you look to your smart phone, there are a ton of apps that provide guidance for gluten-free living. I consult my new Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile before I eat anything—just to be safe!

Here are the top four Celiac-friendly and gluten-free apps that I use to shop and eat out with confidence…

1. Gluten Free Registry ($1.99 – for Android & iPhone)

You register for baby shower and wedding gifts—isn’t it fair that gluten free foods register to make themselves known to innocent diners? Well the Gluten Free Registry does just that by providing a searchable database of Celiac-friendly foods, ingredients for cooking, dishes at restaurants, and even caterers who offer gluten-free servable options. Just search by area from over 12,000 locations across North America for customer product reviews, restaurant reviews, and the best options for gluten-free dining in your local area.

2. ScanAvert ($1.99 – for Android and iPhone)

ScanAvert is a subscription-based gluten-friendly shopping app that features a database of more than 300,000 Celiac-approved products. Just set the app to “scanner” and engage by scanning items at the grocery store. The app will produce the nutritional details on any product with a UPC barcode. If the item scanned is gluten-free, the app will give you the go-ahead. However, if it’s not, the app will hit you with a big bad red X to warn you that the item that the item is not gluten-free.

3. Is That Gluten Free? ($7.99 – for iPhone)

What I love about the Is That Gluten Free app is that it pulls double duty as an app for preparing meals at home as well as for eating out. This app features a delectable 23,000 gluten-free ingredients from over 510 store-bought brands, plus a menu of gluten-free dining options for an array of fast food eateries, restaurant chains, and fancy 5-star dining establishments. One really great feature on this app is that it also features detailed cross-contamination information from the manufacturer, so you’ll never be caught by surprise by the wheat bug.

4. iCanEatOnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free ($2.99 – for iPhone)

The iCanEatOnTheGo Gluten & Allergy Free app (with the longest name in the world) features a complete database of the majority of fast food chains—like Burger King or Dominos Pizza—and restaurants across North America. Log on to bring up a menu and check out their gluten-free nibbles before you make a reservation. Or choose to search foods by allergen—for instance dairy, eggs, shell fish, or in this case, wheat.

Bio: Jane Johnson is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, reviews and more.


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