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Last September I wrote a post about growing up in poverty to raise awareness for the Food Basket Challenge being held by the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center. In that post I eluded to a special project that I was working on with the Food Bank to help those with gluten intolerance.

I’m so excited that our hard work will finally be put into action during a larger campaign being held by the Saskatoon Food Bank called “Do Something Amazing!”

Every single one of us is capable of doing something amazing – not just during this campaign but always.

The project that’s most near-and-dear to my heart is the Gluten Free Food Basket Program which I’ve been so fortunate to find such an ambitious reception for at the Saskatoon Food Bank. Our local chapter of the Celiac Association has been so supportive in this project as well.

Saskatoon Food Bank

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What is the Gluten Free Food Basket Program?

The Food Basket Challenge helped reiterate an importance for emergency food to be made available to those who have specialized diets due to food allergies/intolerances. A few of the participants this year were dealing specifically with gluten intolerance and were trading food items, bartering, and just going without.

With the generous support and help from the Saskatoon chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association and members of the community we’ve been able to raise awareness for the need for gluten-free food items to be donated to the Saskatoon Food Bank. These items, when identified as specifically gluten-free, are set aside. When a client arrives at the Food Bank and makes the staff aware of their gluten intolerance they will be provided with a totally gluten-free food basket.

We have much bigger plans that extend farther than just donating gluten-free food items. We hope that with the Do Something Amazing campaign we will be able to raise further awareness for the fact that little things – like just a small idea – can grow into much bigger things like this specific program. The Gluten Free Food Basket program is very new and there is lots of room to grow.

How can you help?

You can make a food donation. Currently food that is clearly labelled as gluten-free will be saved for those who have gluten intolerance. If the food you’re donating is not labelled from the factory but you are certain it is gluten-free you can indicate this to the staff at the Food Bank when dropping off your donation. (A kind request: If you’re unsure if the food is 100% gluten-free, please don’t indicate it as such. Please still donate it, but that food can be used for those who don’t require gluten-free food.)

The Saskatoon Food Bank is located at 202 Ave C. South. The Main Office and Warehouse is open to receive donations Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 12:00 and 12:30 to 4:00.

Saskatoon Food Bank location map

You can make a monetary donation. Funds donated directly to the Saskatoon Food Bank are used for all programs they support, including gluten-free food. You can specify that you’d like your donation used for gluten-free food baskets and they will ensure it’s routed to this program. You can always be rest assured your funds are being put to good use no matter where they are used. The Saskatoon Food Bank is a registered charity and will issue a tax receipt. Donate to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. (Donations made to the Food Bank until January 15, 2013 will be matched by PotashCorp!)

Additionally, you can make a monetary donation to the Saskatoon Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. If you indicate the donation is to be used to purchase gluten-free food items to be donated to the Saskatoon Food Bank they are happy to do this. The Saskatoon Celiac Association will issue a tax receipt for any donations over $10. Donate to the Saskatoon Celiac Association.

How Else Can You Do Something Amazing?

Open the lines of communication. Talk to people about what you’re hearing about the Do Something Amazing campaign. Tell people in your cities and towns about the Gluten Free Food Basket Program. Perhaps your local food bank can implement something similar.

Share the above video produced by the Saskatoon Food Bank and all the other amazing stories being shared to help inspire and motivate others to Do Something Amazing too!

Sometimes something as simple as showing a bit of compassion can be the most amazing thing of all.

Thank you all for being such supportive readers over the past few years. I am always amazed by the kind words that I receive from you. Smile.

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