A Tiny Break

I have such big things planned for 2013.

Except, those big things take a lot of work and planning and organizing and preparing. I am taking some time to do that.

I have decided to take the month of December ‘off’ from my site. I’ll still be around to reply to comments and questions but I won’t be posting any new recipes. I might be posting some updates about the progress of the Gluten Free Food Basket program launching at the Saskatoon Food Bank, if there’s any exciting news to share on that front. (More likely I’ll be sharing that stuff on my Facebook page.)

So you can expect it’s going to be rather quiet over here. I hope you all understand and return to join me in January 2013 for more fun times and recipes!

But until then I won’t be cooking anything new or exciting (read: blog worthy) at all. Mostly because of this.

kitchen renovations
this was my kitchen, and will be my kitchen again very soon I hope

Because I’ve been basically forced to stop cooking I have started to view this as a great opportunity to relax, refocus, and re-energize. These weeks off from blogging are going to be busy ones everywhere else in my life. I just returned from a week long business trip for my day job. I’ve been doing a lot of work to help promote the Gluten Free Food Basket program from the Saskatoon Food Bank which has included trying to sound coherent during radio and video interviews, and trying to stop myself from rambling on too much for the newspaper reporters. In the midst of this, we are still busy working on the house. (See above picture.)

But then we can take a break. Levi and I have the last week of December and first week of January 2013 off. Together. At the same time. That is a rare thing indeed.

We aren’t going away anywhere. We aren’t having visitors come stay at our house. (I mean, look at it. It’s not exactly kid friendly for all the nieces and nephew.) We have decided to do a stay-cation in the truest sense of the made-up word. We are going to do fun things around Saskatoon that are cheap and/or free. We are going to spend a lot of time with Sophie and Kannon in the great outdoors. Maybe I’ll finally learn to embrace this winter weather we’re subjected to for such a large portion of the year.

On second thought, probably not.

I’ll be cooking again in mid-December probably. If all goes to plan with the kitchen reno.

You might even see some goodies later in the month. No promises though.

In case you’re really desperate for a few recipes allow me to share a couple of my favorites to cook on a hot plate with limited kitchen tools.

  • Pumpkin Pasta Skillet – I just have to cook the pasta first then cook the rest of the sauce and mix it all up.
  • Ginger Fried Tofu – This might sound like it wouldn’t be easy but I have a counter-top deep-fryer so I set that up to cook the tofu and use the hot-plate to do the sauce. I throw rice into my rice cooker and steam peas in the microwave. It’s rather exciting to turn out a whole meal like this.
  • Massaman Curry – Or any curries for that matter.
  • Red Lentils with Cashews & Kale – Hearty and so simple.
  • Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili – I don’t even need my hot plate for this one. I would probably sub out and use canned beans so I don’t have to worry about having beans soaking somewhere in my disaster zone.
  • And a big ol’ pot of my all-time favorite week-long soup – Spinach & Lentil Soup. This soup will fuel me for an entire week of lunches and quick dinners and I don’t ever seem to get sick of it.

Thanks again to all of you who stop by often and share your comments with me. I appreciate it more than you know. I’ll see you all around in a few weeks from now.


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