{product review + giveaway} Ninja Cooking System

(This giveaway is now over, but please read below to learn more about the Ninja Cooking System because it really is pretty awesome!)

It’s a slow cooker.

It’s a skillet.

It’s an oven.

No, it’s a Ninja!

(Ugh. I’m lame.)

Okay so here’s the deal. I received a free Ninja Cooking System when I attended IFBC 2012 in Portland last August. We all did.

I anticipate that the folks at Ninja were hoping that we would all review these on our blogs. I’m pretty sure a lot of other food bloggers got around to doing a review much more quickly than I did. Whoops. I’m lousy with the timing I guess.

Well it’s better late than never.

Actually, due to the circumstances which initially prevented me from even getting around to using my Ninja – the giant kitchen overhaul – really ended up prompting me to use the Ninja. This appliance turned into quite a life saver during this entire renovation.

What’s a Ninja Cooking System?

It kind of looks like a slow cooker. It has a slow cooker function but it really does a lot more than just slow cook.

There’s a stove top function which allows it to do things like fry onions!

You can roast things on the oven function.

You can even bake things using the steam bake feature.

My Impression

Going into the demo at IFBC I was really skeptical. I’ve said that before. But as the demo progressed I was kind of wowed by how this one thing could cook an entire meal rather efficiently.

Now that I’ve used the Ninja extensively I have to say I am even more impressed. Let’s forget about the roasting function for now. I have no intention of ever roasting a whole chicken or a beef roast in this thing. I have used the slow cooking function at least 6 times now – a few of those times involved using the stovetop function to saute some ingredients before flipping it over to slow cook. I have used the oven setting twice. I have even steam baked in it!

I have a series of recipes coming up throughout the month of February to showcase how to use the Ninja. The recipes can still be adapted to make with your regular kitchen setup – a slow cooker, a skillet on the stove, a roasting pan in the oven, a cake pan with another pan of water to help steam it. It’s all do-able.

I see the Ninja Cooking System being perfect for small kitchens, for those with limited space, college students, busy families, really anyone.

Win A Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System!

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

Thanks to the kind folks at Ninja I’m excited to be able to offer one Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System for free to one of my readers! I’ll be drawing one winner and making the announcement in early March, 2013.

You can have up to five (5) entries into this draw. Use the handy dandy Rafflecopter widget below to participate in this giveaway.

This draw is open to residents of the United States only. I am sorry fellow Canadians. I promise I’ll make it up to you.

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Disclaimer: I (along with about 300 other food bloggers) received this Ninja for free. I was not required to write a review or host a giveaway but I wanted to. I was not compensated in any way for this review and was not required to share a favorable review. These are my honest opinions.


    • says

      Yes you can bake in this thing! It’s kind of crazy. You’ll see – I have a recipe coming up that I give it a try with surprising results.

  1. Nicole says

    I already have a cute crockpot but this is way bigger! I’d love to have something this versatile to help me make even tasty vegan gluten free meals! Also your blog is amazing, so happy I found it.

    • says

      Thanks Nicole! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. This Ninja is definitely huge. It doesn’t take up too much more space than my regular oval slow cooker but it has a much larger capacity. It’s really handy for big potlucks and stuff.

  2. says

    Ooh, I was just thinking today I wish my crockpot had a stovetop-type option. I didn’t know there were appliances that did have both!

    • says

      The stove-top function is really what blew my mind with the Ninja actually. It really puts a whole new spin on one-pot cooking. I think the Ninja is a fairly new appliance. I wonder if there’ll be other slow cookers that start doing the same.

    • says

      You mean from roasting all the way to making it into a soup? It definitely has the functionality to roast. If you roast your squash already peeled and cut up I can totally see this being a seamless one-pot soup making machine! I don’t have a specific recipe ready for this but I am inspired to give it a try and keep you posted! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  3. Jerry says

    I would love the Ninja! It would make creating meals much easier! I lost my crock pot a long time ago and would love to replace it with this one!

    • says

      It’s a non-stick cooking pot. I don’t know for sure what the coating is made of but I have an email into the manufacturer to find out for you Sujata. Thanks for asking!

  4. eileenjennifer says

    woah I was wondering what the 3 functions of this device was, sounds pretty cool & nifty!

    • says

      It is really neat! Like I said … I was a total skeptic. I was even a bit skeptical while I was reading other blogger’s reviews and thinking to myself well … I’m not planning on ever roasting a chicken in this thing so maybe it’s useless to me. Not so. I really was blown away. I use it a lot more than I ever used my regular slow cooker actually.

  5. says

    Publix Greenwise chicken, stuffed with onions, garlic, & celery roasted to perfection with rosemary & swanson’s chicken bullion for maximum flavor to any tastebuds.

  6. Caresse says

    Very happy to find your website today. Ive been gluten free and mostly vegan for about a year now! Excited to try your recipes out. This looks like a great product for busy people! Would love one in my kitchen.