Welcome to These Things I Love!

My name is Megan. My friends sometimes call me Megs. You can too.

I’m so thrilled you’ve decided to stop by and visit my little corner of the internet. Let me share a little bit about myself and my world.


I’m a writer at heart. I’ve always been a writer. I worked my way into a career in marketing and communications in the corporate world. I did that for a while and learned a lot but I had more fun working on freelance projects and blogging on my own terms, so I made that my job instead. I’ve been self-employed for the most part since 2011. That’s largely possible because of my husband’s unwavering support of my wacky ideas.

Levi & Megan

Let me introduce him. I’ve been married to my best friend, Levi since 2000. He’s pretty awesome. We own a successful modestly-sized plumbing & heating business together. Levi does the plumbing and heating (along with our employees) and I do … well, I’m not really sure what I do, but whatever it is, it seems to help keep things running smoothly.


I juggle my own creative projects and what I do for our plumbing business with motherhood. It’s a balancing act which I didn’t expect to be so challenging, but we’re making it work.

Speaking of motherhood, we have one son named Jonas who is still a very new addition to our family. Our lives changed completely the day we found out we were expecting. Every single day since he’s arrived has been a new adventure.


We have a dog named Sophie, and a cat named Kato. Between Sophie’s blonde fur shedding everywhere and Kato thinking our couch is his personal scratching post, they’re the main reason why we can’t have nice things. We love them anyway.

Kato the Cat

Megs & Sophie

We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. That’s in Canada. We don’t live in an igloo but there are quite a few months of the year where it’s cold enough to make me rethink why we live here. The rest of the year we love it here. We have made this place our home.

We love to travel, though we haven’t even come close to visiting everywhere on our wish list.

We are a Christian family. Our faith and worship plays a primary role in every aspect of our lives.

Levi has an auto-immune disease called Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. He also has an intolerance to dairy and eggs. I prefer to stick to a plant-based diet because I feel so much better that way. I’ve made it my mission to nourish our family with healthy meals that meet both of our dietary needs and preferences while never compromising on great taste! I’ve built up a multi-faceted business around the gluten-free plant-based lifestyle (recipes, cookbooks, cooking classes, etc.) and will continue to do so as long as I can keep coming up with new, fresh meal ideas.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve got going on here!

Your Friend,