Let’s Talk About Feelings

Megan - The Gluten Free Vegan

I don't usually delve into the serious side of life here on my little corner of the internet. I don't always talk about real feelings. It's part of my personality to always put my best foot forward and not show the unglamorous side of life - especially when it comes to living a … [Read more...]

My 5 Seconds of Fame

I debated with myself about posting this. Like, debated for over a week. I'm still not sure if I really want to post it. But I kind of should, right? I was contacted by Gabby Marchand, a reporter from the local TV station Global Saskatoon, to do a short (and I mean short!) … [Read more...]

Soon…very very soon

Well, this blog certainly hasn't received the attention it truly deserves the past six months.  I am sorry blog.  Can you ever forgive me?  Just a little while longer and I'll be able to shower you with great recipes, photos, and tasty blog entries.  Please be patient. Yes, … [Read more...]

Super Strict Diet

Well, we've been eating out a lot lately and now Levi is suffering the consequences.  We try to make wise choices but when life gets busy sometimes eating at a restaurant is the only option.  In this country, you can get a basic Dominican meal - that's rice, beans, roasted … [Read more...]