Saving Heirloom Seeds


image source Because I have grandiose plans of being an amateur horticulturist or something, I keep thinking I'm going to do more with a vegetable garden 'next year'. It's always 'next year'. So, in true over-ambitious Megs form I've decided to harvest some of the seeds out of a … [Read more...]

Summer Fresh Salad Rolls


I love summer. We have had it pretty good so far this year and despite this weekend being a bit windy, cloudy and raining off and on, it's been a good day. I went to the Farmers' Market and picked up a few things, then hit up the Asian Market nearby to grab a few ingredients … [Read more...]

So. Much. Green.


Summer in Saskatoon is a beautiful thing. My BC family and friends laugh when I say this but I really do love this city.  There's something especially wonderful about Saskatoon in the summer season.  (Not going to lie, in winter it kind of blows. But don't tell my BC … [Read more...]