Gluten Free & Vegan Buckwheat Cabbage Rolls

vegan cabbage rolls

A while back I posted about Cabbage Rolls and Perogies, wishing there were easy gluten-free and vegan recipes to achieve tasty results.  I have been able to make a perogy recipe work out but I haven't really reconsidered any recipes for cabbage rolls since then. I see that post … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Cupcakes


Why is red velvet a food trend right now? Please tell me who to blame. Recently I was asked to do a gluten-free cooking demo for the local chapter of the Celiac Association. There was a special request to make red velvet cupcakes. Not one to turn down a challenge or a request … [Read more...]

What Do You Miss Most Since Becoming A Vegan?

Has anyone asked you that before? Chances are likely I could stake some money on that. In a recent "exercise" I talked into a camera and answered that question. Raw, unedited. Messy hair and annoying gestures included. And tell me ... what do you miss most since … [Read more...]

Olive Tapenade

Olive Tapenade

Do you know why I love appetizers? Variety. It's why I love appetizer nights. A bit of everything tasty. It's definitely time to plan another big appetizer extravaganza. I am pretty sure this recipe will make it on to the menu. I serve this with gluten-free vegan multigrain … [Read more...]

Basic Marinara Sauce


I have bought jarred pasta sauce before. The Italian in me cringes at the thought, and yet the lazy cook that comes out once in a while rejoices. There are some decent ones out there, but alas, it's true nothing is quite like homemade. And when it comes to marinara sauce, it … [Read more...]