Time for Growth & Change

Changes | These Things I Love

In the upcoming weeks and months you're going to notice some changes around here. If you're a regular reader/visitor you might have already noticed that things were pretty quiet during the months of April and May - and by now, most of June. (I'll explain more on why that was a … [Read more...]

{garden} Come On Spring!

Garden Seeds | These Things I Love

It's May 6th today. I am afraid to say it out loud and possibly jinx it ... but I think all the snow is gone for good. I'm afraid because people in other parts of the country had snow yesterday and knowing Saskatchewan, it's not totally absurd to think it could happen here. It's … [Read more...]

Kale Love

How to Massage Kale | The Gluten Free Vegan

Like a true typical vegan I am kind of in love with kale. I eat it often. I whine when it's out of season or when the pickings are slim in the grocery store. I have an entire garden bed devoted to two different varieties of the stuff. I love kale. So naturally when I thought … [Read more...]

Four Years Ago & Now

Megan & Levi

Well hello there. Today I'm taking a tiny break from recipe posts to share a bit of a milestone with you guys. There won't be a recipe today. There will be one tomorrow for sure though, I promise. Almost four years ago to the day I started yet another Wordpress site where I … [Read more...]

Well, Hello There.


Just kidding. I'm probably never going to do a 'best of' anything kind of post on my blog. I hope you all enjoyed your December as much as we did. Our stay-cation was very relaxing, even though Levi ended up getting a few emergency plumbing and heating calls. The joys of … [Read more...]