The Gluten Free Vegan – On A Boat!

norwegian dawn

In the midst of the worst winter I can remember in a long time (I do have a short memory so keep that in mind) Levi and I finally got away. We booked ourselves a cruise in the middle of February. We were on the cruise the same time as that horrible Carnival Triumph experience was … [Read more...]

Take It Up for Earth Day 2012


image courtesy snugglepup on flickr Sunday, April 22 - is Earth Day! In Canada, this year's theme is 'Take It Up'. What does that even mean? Generally speaking, it takes 21 days for something new in our lives to become part of our routine and therefore more likely that we'll … [Read more...]

Gluten Free & Vegan in Vegas


It's been quiet over here the last week hasn't it? We took a bit of a holiday during February break to Las Vegas. I'd never been. Levi has been once when he was too young to 'appreciate' shall we say, the finer things that Vegas has to offer. Let me start by saying that … [Read more...]

Hug A Non-Meat Eater Day!

Welcome to October 4th. A special day indeed. Today is the day you should all go out and hug a non-meat eater. You know you want to. In fact, I'll be giving free hugs away to any who want them. You'll get bonus hugs if you try eating vegetarian one day a week for a whole … [Read more...]

On Being A “Responsible” Vegan


Here's a little aside from the normal recipes and food talk ... but not that far removed from it. I've been having some ongoing health concerns and after frustration with traditional doctors and specialists not getting to the root of the issue I decided to go the holistic route … [Read more...]