Product Reviews

[box]Update: January 1, 2013 As of now I will no longer be accepting requests to review products on my blog. I’ve decided to spend more time focusing on recipe creation and development and it’s become too much work for me to coordinate all these reviews, promos and giveaways. If you’re a reader looking specifically for contests, I’m sorry that you’ll be disappointed. If you’re a brand who would like to send me free stuff, I’m politely declining.

There will be a few remaining promos and giveaways appearing here in the upcoming couple months which I had already committed to prior to Jan 1.

Thanks for understanding.[/box]

From time to time I review gluten-free and vegan products on my blog. If you represent a brand and would like me to review one of your products you may contact me here. A note to brands who contact me:

Honesty Is The Best Policy

When companies approach me to do product reviews I always like to make sure you’re aware that I am totally honest with my reviews. If I love it, I’ll say so. If I notice something that I think my readers need to know – even if it’s not the most flattering – I’ll be honest about it too. You can find past product reviews here.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All

Generally if something is totally lousy I let the company know privately and refrain from blogging about it – just because being totally negative about something (especially something provided to me gratis) really isn’t my style. And yes, this has happened before. [hr]