Tuscan Bean & Kale Soup

tuscan bean kale soup

Autumn. We're in the thick of it now. Fully immersed in comfort food season, as far as I'm concerned. This soup simply came out of a need to use up the last bit of kale that I harvested from this year's garden. Speaking of the garden, I am pleased to report it was a success. … [Read more...]

Caribbean Jerk Chili (Vegan)

vegan chili

Ages ago I entered a chili competition at work. (Like, back when I was actually working at a real job. Which yes, has been ages ago.) I did a Caribbean Jerk Chicken Chili. I had just returned to Canada from living in the Dominican Republic. I was home-sick and missed tropical … [Read more...]

Lentil & Walnut Mini “Meat” Loaves

Lentil & Walnut Veggie Loaf

Okay, I have to know. Does this actually sound tasty to anyone? It sounds sort of like something my mother would have had to force me to eat when I was a kid. And yes, my mother definitely did serve us food that was not super kid-friendly. Remember the turnip cake? I'm not … [Read more...]

{Cookbook Review} Spilling the Beans


I purchased a new cookbook at Costco a couple weeks back all about beans. It caught my eye especially because I have been working diligently to add more healthful bean recipes to my daily diet. Sometimes you get sick of the same old bean dishes. This book is titled Spilling the … [Read more...]

On Being A “Responsible” Vegan


Here's a little aside from the normal recipes and food talk ... but not that far removed from it. I've been having some ongoing health concerns and after frustration with traditional doctors and specialists not getting to the root of the issue I decided to go the holistic route … [Read more...]