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Saskatoon Food Bank

Last September I wrote a post about growing up in poverty to raise awareness for the Food Basket Challenge being held by the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center. In that post I eluded to a special project that I was working on with the Food Bank to help those with gluten … [Read more...]

Saskatoon Food Bank Food Basket Challenge 2012

Saskatoon Food Basket Challenge

I hope you all won't mind my being serious in this post. It's a departure from my normally random light-heartedness but it's a topic that hits very close to home and is difficult for me to talk about. I hope I don't embarrass my family for talking about this. I just feel I need … [Read more...]

Top Apps for Celiacs and Gluten-Free Diets

Note: This is a guest post by Jane Johnson from Going Cellular regarding apps available for gluten-free diets. I personally have not reviewed these particular apps and make no claims for or against any of these mentioned. I'm curious to know if any of you have tried these or … [Read more...]

My 5 Seconds of Fame

I debated with myself about posting this. Like, debated for over a week. I'm still not sure if I really want to post it. But I kind of should, right? I was contacted by Gabby Marchand, a reporter from the local TV station Global Saskatoon, to do a short (and I mean short!) … [Read more...]

Do I have Celiac Disease? How do I know?


Because I am a food freak and rather passionate about the flavors, tastes, textures and everything that comes along with cooking food I sometimes forget that there's a reason that I cook this way. After so many years of cooking gluten-free and of course more recently … [Read more...]