Madras Curry Paste

I've finally made my own madras curry paste. It turned out pretty great actually. Madras Curry Paste   Print Ingredients 2½ tablespoons coriander seeds, dry-roasted and ground 1 tablespoon cumin seed, dry-roasted and ground 1 teaspoon mustard seeds, … [Read more...]

Lentil & Cauliflower Madras Curry


I am in love with curries from all over the world with Indian curries topping the list. I found this seasoning paste made by Asian Home Gourmet and used it all the time. For the past year or so I have been having difficulty tracking it down easily in my local Superstore. I found … [Read more...]

Tofu Korma


Indian food = love. I've heard amazing things about lamb korma but truth be told have never eaten it - even in my pre-vegan days. The only time I've ever had a korma dish is when my brother and sister-in-law wowed me with a tofu version a couple years back. It was so … [Read more...]

Bhindi Masala (Okra Masala)


We are international food fiends! We love curries from all countries and I especially have a warm and spicy place in my heart for Indian fare. The first time I ever tried okra was at an Indian restaurant.  I loved it instantly.  I have yet to tried pickled okra or deep-fried … [Read more...]


One of my favorite treats is an Indian-style veggie fritter called Pakora.  I got this recipe from my brother-in-law who is Indian. This works best if you have a deep fryer, but don't use the basket as the pakora batter is very sticky and will make for really annoying clean … [Read more...]