BBQ Pulled Jackfruit & Kale Tacos

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit & Kale Tacos | The Gluten Free Vegan

Using jackfruit in place of pork for a BBQ pulled "pork" is not an original idea. Vegans all over the internets have been doing it for a while now. I've used jackfruit in tacos already but with a Caribbean vibe with my Shredded Jerk Jackfruit Tacos. My inspiration to do a BBQ … [Read more...]

Enchiladas Rojas with Butternut Squash & Kale

Dried Chilies | The Gluten Free Vegan

If I was to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant and order something chances are if they have enchiladas verde on the menu that's what I'll get. If I was to choose a type of enchilada to make at home chances are - 9 times out of 10 - I'll choose to make enchiladas verde. I love … [Read more...]

Tuscan Bean & Kale Soup

tuscan bean kale soup

Autumn. We're in the thick of it now. Fully immersed in comfort food season, as far as I'm concerned. This soup simply came out of a need to use up the last bit of kale that I harvested from this year's garden. Speaking of the garden, I am pleased to report it was a success. … [Read more...]

Red Lentils with Cashews & Kale

red lentils with cashews and kale

I think out of all the legumes I love lentils the most. Lately anyway. I make this Spinach & Lentil Soup very often ... by the vat, sometimes and eat it all week long. I did that last week, in fact. I throw a can of lentils into salads all the time for a good protein … [Read more...]

Curried Potato Kale Galette

curried potato kale galette

I've posted this recipe before back in the infancy of this blog. I am reblogging it here with pictures and better comments and formatting. Also, I think it's a good enough recipe that it deserves a bump up. Original recipe from 5.0 from 2 reviews … [Read more...]