Sous Chef iPhone App Review + Giveaway

Sous Chef iPhone App

Shae, a fellow gluten-free vegan food blogger over at, contacted me a long time ago to get my take on a new app that was built by her and her partner called Sous Chef. It's a great little app that makes conversions for volume, weight and temperature quick and easy. … [Read more...]

{product review}

Tasterie Box

This product review is months late. I don't have much excuse other than the fact that I forgot about it for months. Whoops. I had already written it up and just was waiting to do a final once over and never got around to it. Yikes. I suppose this isn't really so much of a … [Read more...]

Pasta in a Can

gluten free canned pasta

When I was in Winnipeg recently I stopped at Organza Market and loaded up on some products that we can't find yet here in Saskatoon. I must have been on a shopping high because when I got everything home there were a few things I was confused about why I'd purchased. Like … [Read more...]