Muddy Paws & Motorbikes


I was going to write this motivational and inspiring post all about how spring is finally here and how glorious the blue skies and birds chirping are. But I changed my mind. The blue skies are definitely nice. The birds chirping - though I have an aversion to flying creatures … [Read more...]

Undressing for Animal Rights


image credit Let's get naked to show our support for animal rights. Or how about not. Today in Saskatoon members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) from Ottawa participated in a pro-vegan demonstration outside a local poultry processing plant Prairie Pride … [Read more...]

So. Much. Green.


Summer in Saskatoon is a beautiful thing. My BC family and friends laugh when I say this but I really do love this city.  There's something especially wonderful about Saskatoon in the summer season.  (Not going to lie, in winter it kind of blows. But don't tell my BC … [Read more...]