Lefse – Norwegian Flatbread

Norwegian Lefse

Have you stopped to wonder upon the vast amount of flatbreads that seem to run though every culture imaginable? Seriously check out this list on Wikipedia divided by region. Insane! It makes me think I could do an entire blog series about flatbreads from around the world. Hmmm … [Read more...]

Black Forest Cake {gluten free, vegan}

black forest cake

This is a relaxed layer cake. I call it relaxed because it won't look like the artfully and fake-filled black forest cakes you get at the supermarket bakery counter. Those probably use cherry pie filling inside and I know they're garnished with those brightly dyed maraschino … [Read more...]

Asian Orange ‘Chicken’

Asian Orange 'Chicken' | The Gluten Free Vegan

Wow, I found this recipe all finished and ready to go that never ended up being shared. What a travesty! So since I haven't posted in ages - and I'm still working on making big changes around here (mostly behind the scenes for now) - I figure why not share this recipe to tide you … [Read more...]

A Special Announcement

Guess What?! | These Things I Love

  Remember in my last post (yes, from a couple months ago already!) where I mentioned how I was really sick during the month of April and I had a lot of time to rest and contemplate? Yeah. Well we found out what was making me feel so sick and tired. I actually was up in … [Read more...]

Time for Growth & Change

Changes | These Things I Love

In the upcoming weeks and months you're going to notice some changes around here. If you're a regular reader/visitor you might have already noticed that things were pretty quiet during the months of April and May - and by now, most of June. (I'll explain more on why that was a … [Read more...]